07 March 2006

there's so much weird news, i'm putting it all here for YOU!!

wal-mart co-opts the blogosphere. and in true wal-mart fashion, they do not compensate the bloggers.

the only minnesota twin i've ever loved, kirby puckett, has gone to iowa.

today's bombing: india.

step 1: at&t births the baby bells
step 2: baby bells sbc and bellsouth grow and beget cingular
step 3: baby bells and cingular buy at&t
what the butt? something tells me i still won't get a signal at my apt.

shotgun weddings, food stamps and welfare soon to be all the rage in south dakota.

but none of it matters, cause we're all gonna die.

don't bogart that wi-fi, man. see, if all you people were smart, you'd just work out a compromise, like you have unlimited access to your neighbor's deck, and they hump your wi-fi whenever they want!

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