20 March 2006

it started with a green beer and ended with a bloody mary

friday was the third annual st. patrick's day/purim party at the shwags'. this consists of corned beef and cabbage and hamentashen and whiskey cake and st. someone's cakes. oh, and a fuckload of alcohol.

i've never been here or there about green beer. i once tried to make blue macaroni and cheese and it turned green (a fascinating lesson for an 8 year old about that whole mixing colors to make new colors thing--sadly, green mac 'n' cheese just isn't very appetizing, not that blue would have been. but, i digress). other than that, i tend to take my food and drink as they come. but the beer i was handed was green, and i certainly wasn't going to turn it down. after my second green beer, i started noticing how everyone else's teeth and lips were all dyed. i'm not at all sure why, but this really grossed me out. i am off green beer forever. and i advise you not to drink it around me, either.

after eating as much corned beef as i possibly could. and then eating some cake, we moved down to the living room lounge to meet up with a birthday party. it turned into one of those nights where i drink beer after beer after beer after beer after beer and never seem to get more than a mild buzz. i'm not complaining, it's just weird.

saturday we went out to celebrate the maj's ultimate dominance over the GRE. we started out at local 138 and then met up with another party at grassroots. this time the beer worked. at about 230, i decided i needed falafel and i needed it right then. i told the maj, xx and cholmers, who were by then the only ones left (odd, as we were also the first people there eariler...btw, we dined that night at congee village. tip: when the waitress says, "and that's all?" and you keep ordering more food, stop. the waitress is telling you "you stupid morons, you've ordered waaaay too much food". however, please go there and get yourself some of the lotus root and the tofu and mushrooms and the snow pea greens in garlic. uuuuuuuuuuuhhhh. also the lychee martini is pretty sweet.) i was going to chickpea and then practically ran out of the bar. moments later i was eating a chicken schwarma and watching as the previously empty restaurant filled to near capacity between the time i arrived and when the maj et al. showed up. we ran them out of tahini.

whilst a normal person would probably follow two nights of heavy drinking with a nice restful sunday, i started early with a mango champagne cocktail at coco roco. this is a peruvian restaurant on 5th ave and it's good. real good. their spin on eggs florentine was damn near perfect. xx had a lovely omlette and some oj, passion fruit concotion (also with champagne).

i went home and tried to watch raging bull, but spent most of the time reading the paper and making rice krispy treats, which i then brought to commonwealth for the 6th annual Yuri Gagarin. this consists of some FUCKING AWESOME bloody marys and some scrabble. i am not very good at scrabble, but i still like playing it. especially whilst drinking.

the end...

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